Forest Hill Bible Reading Plan of Acts

Read through the Book of Acts with the rest of Forest Hill all summer long!  Follow this weekly reading plan that follows each week’s sermons which you can also find on YouTube or our Forest Hill App.

Read Scripture App

The heart behind Read Scripture is that everyone would read the Bible for themselves and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. The App has a curated year-long Bible reading plan and supplemented with amazingly creative videos (produced by the Bible Project) that explain every book of the Bible, major theological themes of the gospel, and tips on how to read the Bible.

Learn more and download the app here.

CSB Study Bible

Study Bibles are designed to help you know and be transformed by God’s Word, keeping the beauty and majesty of Scripture primary on every page. This CSB Study Bible features full-color illustrations as well as study notes, word studies, articles, and other tools from respected Bible scholars presented on the same page as the biblical text they refer to. It’s great for deep study and daily reading!

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Scripture Journal on the book of Acts

Scripture Journals pair the entirety of individual books of the Bible with lightly lined blank pages opposite each page of Bible text, so you can take notes or record insights and prayers directly beside corresponding passages of Scripture. They are a great tool for practicing Lectio Divina

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Illuminated Scripture Journal on Acts

Blank pages and elegant hand-lettered gold ink illustrations by Dana Tanamachi are paired with the Book of Acts so that you can creatively engage with God’s Word alongside specific passages. These thin, portable notebooks have unique gold-foil stamped covers and are great for art journaling, personal Bible reading and prayer, small-group Bible study, or taking notes through a sermon series.

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Life Lessons from Acts: Christ’s Church in the World by Max Lucado

There are 12 lessons filled with intriguing questions, inspirational stories, and poignant reflections to take you deeper into God’s Word. Each lesson includes an opening reflection, background information, exploration questions, inspirational thoughts from Max, and a closing takeaway for further reflection.

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NIV Application Commentary on Acts (The NIV Application Commentary)

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Acts for Everyone by NT Wright

Theologian NT Wright’s writing captures the vivid way in which Acts draws us all into the story, while leaving the ending open and challenging, inviting Christians today to pick up and carry on the story as we in turn live our lives in the service of Jesus.

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Biography of the Apostle Paul by NT Wright

In this definitive biography, renowned Bible scholar, N. T. Wright offers a radical look at the apostle Paul, illuminating the humanity and remarkable achievements of this intellectual who invented Christian theology—transforming a faith and changing the world. 

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Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership and Influence by Ryan Lokkesmoe

This book reveals Paul’s character as a leader and highlights members of his team to offer a textured portrait of the early church’s influence in spreading the gospel. Learn from the men and women God used to build the church & let them shape how you lead in a Christ-like way.

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An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul: His Life, Ministry, and Missionary Journeys

This fully-illustrated resource explores the social, cultural, political, and religious background of the first-century Roman world in which Paul lived and ministered. It sheds light on the places he visited and the people he met along the way. Most importantly, it helps us understand how and why Paul was used by God in such extraordinary ways.

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A Fragile Stone: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter by Michael Card

This book sketches out Peter’s life, showing how the impetuous fisherman of the Gospels was transformed into the pivotal leader of the early church. “The ultimate reason for getting to know Peter,” Card explains, “is so together we might better know Jesus. For the story of Peter is the story of Jesus. Perhaps, if you and I do our best, the same will be said of us someday.”

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Don’t Miss Out: Daring To Believe that Life is Better with the Holy Spirit by Jeannie Cunnion

Through winsome and tender storytelling, this book reveals why Spirit-help is far superior to self-help and it equips you to activate the Spirit’s power in your daily life. You will be guided into deeper intimacy with Jesus & shown how the Holy Spirit champions you.  It’s a great resource for groups or individuals.

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Forgotten God: Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit  by Francis Chan

Francis Chan helps the Church realize the true source of the its power—the Holy Spirit. He contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and we are reaping the disastrous results. Thorough scriptural support and compelling narrative Chan invites us to stop and remember the One we’ve forgotten, the Spirit of the living God.

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Louie Giglio–Acts of the Apostles

Join pastor Louie Giglio in this eight-session series as he walks through the story of the early church. Acts may have been written two thousand years ago, but God is calling us to be a part of that story today.

Find it on Right now Media

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Eyewitness Bible Series–Watch interviews with Luke, Peter, Paul and Barnabas.  

Eyewitness Bible creates short videos that take Biblical accounts and other cultural information to create fascinating, behind-the-scenes ‘interviews’ with key people in Acts like Peter, Paul, Luke and Barnabas.

You find the videos on the Eyewitness Bible Website or on Right now Media






Bible Project

The Bible Project produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They create videos, podcasts, and study guides that explore the Bible’s unified story. 

They have two great overviews of the Books of Acts that you can find on their Bible Project website. You can also find them on Right Now Media.

Matt Chandler Sermons on the Acts

Join Matt Chandler as he preaches through the Book of Acts- from the beginning of the church where Jesus prepares His disciples for the mission to come through the Great Commission and the role that each of us plays in discipleship and the growth of the church.

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Bible Project Podcast on the Book of Acts:

The Bible Project has put together a great series of podcasts exploring the message of Acts that goes along with their familiar videos. The Acts series Includes interviews with NT Wright and Tim Mackie.

Find it on Right now Media

She Reads Truth Podcasts on Acts

The She Reads Truth team is committed to getting men and women in Scripture encountering God’s Word for themselves.  These Podcasts on Acts include episodes by Christine Caine, John Mark Comer and Dr. Heather Thompson Day and Mika Edmonson.

Find it on She Reads Truth






Francis Chan sermons on the Holy Spirit

Teacher and Pastor Francis Chan teaching who the Holy Spirit and the tremendous role the Spirit plays in the life of the Church and the individual believer.

You can find the Francis Chan’s sermons on YouTube.

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