individual counseling

WHat can you expect at INDIVIDUAL counseling?

Counseling at Forest Hill is a sacred space where individuals who are walking through difficult seasons and oftentimes unspoken challenges can process their experiences and work with a licensed counselor towards agreed-upon goals for their individual well-being.


If you are a first time client, your first step would be filling out our “I’m New” form (button below). Here, we will get to know you more and connect you to schedule an appointment from there.

We begin the counseling process with an assessment appointment. Initial appointments always serve as a time to determine clients’ needs and collectively agree on the next best steps for care. Based on this assessment, the counselor may continue with you as a client, refer you to another counselor within our offices, or refer you to a trusted local Christian counselor to continue your care. Our intent is always to pair the client with the clinician who is most equipped and trained to provide the best care. Assessments last 50 minutes to an hour.

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