what are bridge groups?

Bridge Groups are small groups where people meet regularly to grow in Dynamic Life in Christ. In Bridge Groups everyone will have the opportunity to Experience the Gospel, Engage in Community and Equip one another to Build Bridges.

experience the gospel

Within Bridge Groups you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into what The Gospel is and how it shapes our identity and the world around us. As well as, develop spiritual rhythms that help you grow in dynamic life in Christ.

engage in community

Find out what makes a gospel-centered community unique and what the Bible says about how we relate to one another.¬†God made each and every one of us with unique gifts and skills and in a group setting you’ll be able to get to know people and see how God has designed each person for a purpose.

equip one another as bridge builders

Learn how to grow in your ability to connect with people by building bridges to people whose experiences are different than yours and learning how to share your story to point people to The Gospel.

one-on-one mentoring

Mentoring is a one-on-one, same gender relationship that provides an opportunity for those who are younger, in age or faith, to be spiritually guided by someone more mature.

building bridges that connect everyone to dynamic life in christ.

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