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BridgeGroups are the primary way that Adults grow in relationship with God and each other at Forest Hill Church. They are small groups of people who get together on a regular basis to:

Enjoy authentic friendships with one another

Study the Bible and grow in relationship with God

Serve together
in our community

Join Group Connect

If you’re interested in joining a LifeGroup, we invite you to attend LifeGroup Connect. It’s an event held several times a year where participants at FHC can meet LifeGroup leaders and join a LifeGroup. Leaders, volunteers and staff will be available to help you navigate through the process of meeting others and forming a group.

Not ready for a LifeGroup? Join a Short-Term Group

If you’re not ready to join a LifeGroup, consider our short-term group options. These groups are similar to LifeGroups, but they meet weekly for a short period of time to explore one topic. 

Topics include real life discussions about marriage, grief, work, faith & finances. Learn more and register. 

Join Starting Point Groups

Having questions is good. Asking those questions is even better. Starting Point is the place to ask tough questions about faith. It’s safe, authentic, and conversational.

Starting Point groups are short-term conversational environments where you can explore faith and experience community.


If you’re curious about Christianity, new to a relationship with God, or coming back to church after some time away, then Starting Point is the place for you. 

Email Quinlan Lee for more information on a Starting Point Group or to sign-up for a group.


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