Fort Mill
7:30 pm
Fort Mill

About our group:

Our life group is compiled of Couples with young children (10 years to 2 years old). It's not limited to couples with young children but it's structured with those families in mind. We rotate meetings every Tuesday 7:30pm-9:30pm: Men, Women, Couples, and then a week off each month requiring you to only get a sitter 1x per month. When this group was created it was in hopes that this would allow couples to commit long-term. The Women's group will be focusing on a video study focused around parenting with Christ's influence. Men will be focusing on literature from the bible; while, as couples we'll come together to share the information to better our families as a whole. We do take Thanksgiving through New Years off as well as Summer (June-August). We currently have 5 couples but would like to add approximately 2 families to our group. Please contact me if your interested in joining our group! The first meeting will start on the first Tuesday in September.