Art Walk at Camp North End (Workshop 2)

Date & Time

August 6, 2021
7:00 pm


Camp North End

In the beginning God created…He created you to create through multiple avenues. Whether it’s painting, singing, organizing, cooking, the list goes on and on of how many ways as humans we can create and make.But have you ever stopped to consider how your artistic abilities and faith work together? They go hand-in-hand more than you might think.

This summer while the Immersive Van Gogh experience is in Charlotte we are going to explore how Van Gogh’s life and art and your artistic abilities can be part of growing in dynamic life in Christ. We’ve created 3 workshops that you can join, ranging from creating with our hands to discussions around our faith, creativity and the way we view God at work in the world. You don’t have to consider yourself “super artistic” to join us for any of these events. God created you, therefor you can create too.

If you look close enough you’ll start to see more colors all around you…

Join us for the second Learn, create Gogh workshop at the infamous Camp North End. At this workshop we will be walking and seeing colors in a new way. This is great workshop for people who might be interested in getting creative, understand art and for families to join and enjoy a night of an easy colorful walk.

Date: Friday, August 6
Location: Camp Northend (Meet at Grow storefront, to the left of Van Gogh exhibit building)
Questions?  Text 888.217.3471 or email

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