Forest Hill Church is committed to stewarding well the resources we have been given by God’s grace. We are governed by a Council of Elders and our finances are overseen by our Finance Committee, a group of lay leaders who help to oversee our budget and ensure that we are held to high standards of fiscal responsibility. Additionally, we are members of the EFCA, an independent financial oversight body.

How we Steward our Resources

Giving away 20%

Forest Hill Church practices a double tithe. Of all the generous financial gifts that come to us, we commit to giving 20% off the top to partners and organizations in the city and around the world who serve needs and spread the Gospel. We believe God calls all of us to be generous and we are committed to leading the way.

No Debt

Forest Hill has been committed to a no debt policy for many years. This means that growth of our church comes when our finances allow, not before. We believe that the burden of long term debt leaves us in a position where we cannot respond to the needs of the community and God’s calling for us.

Financial Audits

Every year Forest Hill Church submits our finances to an independent company for review and audit. We do this voluntarily and we believe that the transparency of our finances is critical to the mission we are on to build bridges. It’s important to make sure that all of our generous givers can see how their gifts are used.

Financial Coaching

We Know that when Finances are weighing on your Mind it is hard to experience the dynamic Life Jesus is offering. If you need help getting your finances in order our team of experienced leaders would love to help.

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