Looking to Get Connected

At Forest Hill, we believe that lives are most effectively changed in genuine, real relationships and community. In BridgeGroups, we study the Bible, build friendships, and serve the community.

Ask Hard Questions

Having questions is good. Asking those questions is even better. Starting Point is the place to ask tough questions about faith. Safe, authentic, conversational. Watch the video to learn more. Interested? Contact Quinlan Lee for more information.

Meet Your People

Make friends, study the Bible, serve, grow spiritually – it all happens best in a BridgeGroup. Bridge Group Launch 2023 is happening right now! To find a group that’s a good fit for you, click the link below.  Browse the groups using the filters on the left of the page. Click on the group that you’d like to join, then use the “connect button” to contact the leader.  They’ll get back to you in a few days to tell you when and where the first meeting is.

Other ways to Get involved

Give Your Life Away

Imagine using your gifts, talents and resources to care for someone across the globe. Imagine how that could transform a community and your own heart.

Learn About Membership

What does it mean to be a part of something big? What does it mean to put your flag in the ground at Forest Hill? Contact Quinlan Lee for more information about membership at Forest Hill.

Walk from Death to life

Baptism symbolizes your commitment to follow Jesus and proudly declares it to the rest of the world. If you’d like to learn more about baptism or participate in our one-time Baptism Preparation Class, visit our events page

Impact out there

Forest Hill has had a long standing commitment to caring for the people in our city and around the World.

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