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Freedom Communities


Founded in 2017, Freedom Communities is a place-based organization operating in Charlotte’s Freedom-Wilkinson Corridor. The Corridor is located within the 28208 zip code, an area with the largest population of families with children living below the poverty line and the highest population of single-mother households.

Freedom Communities’ mission is to drive holistic family and community transformation through innovative programs and real estate investments in the Freedom Drive Corridor. With a tagline of “family-centered community transformation,” we invest in infrastructure and people. Not only are we involved in developing new, for-rent affordable housing, and creating low-income homeownership opportunities, but we’re also providing opportunities for people to secure better employment and higher wages, strengthen families and provide opportunities for parents and children to realize their full potential.

Resurrection Church


Resurrection Church is an active and growing missional church that exists to make disciples for Christ in the Arab world. Our congregation aims to see as many people as possible following Jesus on the Pathway of Discipleship, growing in their communities and spreading the Gospel in unreached areas; churches formed, and communities transformed.
Resurrection Church was established in 1964 by a group of believers who started gathering in homes around Hadath. Ps. Khalil Ibrahim, an Egyptian theology student, who was studying in Beirut, led the ministry and pastored the church until 1976. After the eruption of the Lebanese civil war, Ps. Khalil had to flee the country with his family, handing over the church leadership to Ps. Ghassan Khalaf, who pastored the church, building it on strong Biblical doctrine. In 2008, Ps. Ghassan handed over the leadership to Ps. Hikmat Kashouh, our current senior pastor. With Ps. Hikmat’s kingdom-minded approach and missional leadership, the church has grown and still is growing exponentially in size, quality, and impact.

In each year and in every season, we see God open doors for us to reach our neighbors and enemies with the Gospel as we faithfully serve and practically love refugee families and people who were most in need. What we are witnessing is unprecedented!
Because of the holistic ministry that the church provides, and because of the sacrificial love of Christ that many experienced, many were baptized, and lives were transformed. Today, the church is more than 44 congregations, led by indigenous pastors from various backgrounds, with more than 3,800 families journeying on the Pathway of Discipleship and making an impact in their community.

Urban Promise

Charlotte, NC

UrbanPromise Charlotte’s mission is to provide Charlotte’s children and youth with the spiritual, academic, and social development necessary to become Christian leaders determined to restore their communities.

UrbanPromise serves students from kindergarten through young adulthood following the pillars of: Reach a Child, Raise a Leader, Restore Community.

Reach a Child: Kindergarten through eighth grade students attend After School and Summer Camp Programs receiving academic support, targeted literacy instruction, recreation, Christian character education, and community. We serve four neighborhood locations in Charlotte.

Raise a Leader: High school students are employed as "StreetLeaders" and serve as mentors and counselors for the younger campers. StreetLeaders receive post-secondary pathways guidance, access to mental health services, and leadership and spiritual development.

Restore Community: Our StreetLeader Alumni receive support, so they graduate college, enter their career of choice, and find meaningful employment as young adults.

Elam Ministries


Elam was founded just a decade after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. At the time, many thought Iran’s tiny church would wither away and die under intense persecution.

However, Elam’s founders had a firm conviction that regardless of who sits on earthly thrones, Jesus reigns from His heavenly throne. Our name, Elam, is taken from Jeremiah 49:38 where God says, “I will set my throne in Elam.” (Elam was a kingdom in ancient times that became an important region within the Persian empire).

So, our name is a statement of faith that the Lord will keep His promise and have His way in Iran. It is a prayer that His Kingdom will indeed come to Iran. That is why whatever the political circumstances, our mission remains the same: to strengthen and expand the church in the Iran region and beyond.

Defend The Fatherless


Defend the Fatherless is a local non-profit organization founded by one of Forest Hill Church's members, Caitlin Sund. After brining her daughter home from China and then serving in the mission field of China, Caitlin wanted to see more done to care for the fatherless in the local community.

The mission of Defend the Fatherless is, "To be one more reason for families to say, "Yes" to the fatherless through Foster Care and adoption. They do so by wrapping around foster and adoptive families across York County, SC. Defend aims to meet the physical, emotional, educational, financial and spiritual needs through key programming. These programs include: The York County Foster Closet where families can shop at no cost for items such as clothing, shoes, baby equipment, diapers, and other essentials when welcoming a new child in their home. In addition, Defend's monthly connection events as well as respite events help build bonds within like-minded families who are together walking the road of foster care and adoption. Defend offers trauma-based counseling scholarships as well as adoption grants. Specialized programming includes their Back 2 School shoe drive as well as Santa's Helper Program which allows families the joy of shopping for children in their home at Christmas time using donated gift cards.

BLACKBOX International

BLACKBOX exists to fuel indigenous-led work among the world’s hardest to reach places and people groups. Our sole motivation is to witness God glorified in every tongue, tribe, nation, and people (Revelation 7:9)! What drives our passion for unreached people groups is God’s glory.

Embedded indigenous workers are operating in the most difficult places to make disciples and plant churches while preaching the Gospel in the shadow of immense persecution with strict security concerns. BLACKBOX speaks to the need to redact certain elements of our mission as we partner, promote, and protect our indigenous work among the hardest to reach places and people groups. Our Frontline Strategic Partners (FSPs) are Christ-followers laboring to meet urgent physical and spiritual needs in the following countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, and more. BLACKBOX invests in biblical, holistic, and effective frontline initiatives implemented by our FSPs for the purpose of advancing the Gospel in every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Your partnership with BLACKBOX is propelling the Gospel in the world’s hardest to reach places and people groups through church planting, discipleship, leadership training, evangelistic resources, humanitarian projects, creative access platforms, scripture translation, and mobilization initiatives so that Christ may be known where He is not yet renowned.

A Better World


A BETTER WORLD WAS FOUNDED IN 2001 by Pastor Ken Gilliard and Forest Hill Church, who identified the need for a positive, educational, after-school program in West Charlotte. When A Better World began, it served eight students two days a week. Thanks to the tireless work of Pastor Ken and his team, the program now serves approximately seventy students five days a week. The kids who stick with A Better World are, at the very least, guaranteed a positive experience and quite possibly one that will change their lives.

FORCLT Network


FORCLT was founded by a group of pastors out of a shared burden that the operating system of the Church in Greater Charlotte is broken. Historically, the Church has been divided, declining, and too often disengaged from meeting the needs of our city, all while leading to epidemic levels of pastoral burnout. While this can be discouraging, in John 17, our Lord Jesus provided the answer when He prayed “…that they may become perfectly ONE, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me.” This is why the FORCLT Network exists. To Unite the Church to Transform Our City.

The mission of FORCLT is to connect pastors for personal, church, and city renewal. FORCLT accomplishes this mission by building networks, tools and initiatives that help pastors and Christian leaders learn, connect, and take action together. See pictures of the State of Our City platform and current network visualization to the right as examples of how FORCLT builds networks and tools.

Hoskins Park Ministries

NW Charlotte

Hoskins Park Ministries
Hoskins Park Ministries provides participants a community rooted in God's word that is focused on spiritual growth, recovery and skills leading to a Christ centered transformation.

Mission India


On his first visit to India in 1971, Pastor John DeVries was overwhelmed. The heat, the crowds of people, the smell, the beggars on street corners grabbing at his sleeve—it was a lot to process.

So on his flight home to Michigan, John prayed what he called his “Jonah prayer”: anywhere but there, Lord. Anywhere but India.

But the truth is, John witnessed an incredible need on that trip. Not just in the poverty and injustice all around him—but in how immensely untouched by the Gospel India was.

And he discovered an incredible opportunity: passionate Christians in India who, despite being radically outnumbered, were motivated to reach their own nation with the love of Christ. John could not ignore the calling God had placed in his heart, and eventually, a beautiful partnership was born.

Hope Community Clinic


Hope Community Clinic exists to provide hope and health to the immigrant, refugee, and marginalized populations of East Charlotte. We do so by providing medical, behavioral health and case management services to uninsured and underinsured individuals and families. We seek to eliminate obstacles to healthcare that many of our patients would otherwise have to navigate on their own.

Christ’s love compels us to change the world through serving our neighbors. By providing outstanding care to our neighbors, not only do we improve the lives of our patients but our community as a whole.

Vive Charlotte


Vive Charlotte Church is a small multi-ethnic and multi-lingual community church desiring to create roots in the middle of East Charlotte. We are not only interested in becoming permanent residents within our community, but we desire to become true neighbors to all those around us, seeking to help our neighbors, their families, their friends, and the community to flourish. The good news of the gospel compels us to go to all the margins of our neighborhood and bring renewal – not only to our spiritual lives, but to our relationships, and the rhythms of our community.

Come and worship with us as we learn how to become a new church actively connected to our Eastland community. Join us for fellowship and coffee before each gathering.



We believe that justice and compassion should be at the forefront of how we live outside the church building. Through partnerships with great local non-profits and global organizations, we work to meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk, marginalized and hurting communities and people. Serving others, locally and globally, helps to transform vulnerable communities and our own hearts.


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