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Committed to connecting everyone in the Greater Charlotte Area to a dynamic life in Christ.


We hope you experience dynamic life in Christ. As a church we know that following Jesus is a journey. There are moments where you are curious about what God is up to and uncertain about what comes next. Forest Hill Church is a diverse group of friends and neighbors intentionally investing in one another and in the community in which we live and around the globe. Whether you are curious about Jesus or have been following him for a long time, we are committed to walking with you. No matter your age, background, or story, we believe everyone has something to bring and everyone has something to share. Together we are anchored by a core belief to see everyone come to a restored relationship with Jesus.

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We are glad you’re here! Forest Hill Church is building bridges that connect everyone to dynamic life in Christ. We do this through modern worship, sound Biblical teaching, Bridge Groups, serving locally and around the world and by partnering with families of young kids and students. Forest Hill is a multi-site church. This means we have multiple locations strategically placed throughout the greater Charlotte-region to see the Kingdom of God at work in every area of our communities.

How To Effectively Spread The Gospel

March 26, 2023
Forest Hill Church

Take Your Next Steps

If you are ready to start taking a next step with us, take a look around. Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus, we want to help. Maybe you just need a conversation because you are curious about faith, or maybe you are ready to get involved with a committed group of people serving the city. Either way, we can help you take that next step.

Building Bridges that Connect Everyone to Dynamic Life in Christ.

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